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Enjoy a new, more elegant, efficient and user-friendly interface with Windows Pro N

The latest version of Microsoft Windows 11 Pro N is the best choice for professional use in many respects, as it provides continuous flexibility in how things are run. But what are the other advantages of Windows 11 Pro N and what makes it important?

Discover the capabilities of Windows 11 Pro N

In terms of technical security, Windows has been significantly improved. In particular, the Pro version removes many bugs that prevent previous versions from working properly. Security plays a decisive role, especially for professional use of the system. In addition, new features include Windows Sandbox testing and testing Windows in a virtual environment, Windows Bitlocker which is part of modern encryption technology for disks and devices, Windows Hyper-V running other operating systems such as computers and also remote desktop functionality. with which you can directly access your computer remotely. These advantages are important for your own network of several devices. They allow you to collaborate and understand that security is paramount. The way and implementation of digital collaboration has also been significantly improved with Windows 11 Pro N through better video conferencing integration. So you can expect perhaps the most efficient, modern and technically accurate windows on the market today.

Safety first

Indeed, Microsoft Windows 11 Pro N has all the familiar features of Windows 11 Home; however, it is complemented by some additional tools that increase productivity and security. You can work on multiple devices and anywhere you want. Thanks to BitLocker security, everything on your device is safe, even if you lose your PC. Plus, with Windows Information Protection, you do not need to worry about any data leakage.

Safety first

More features with Windows 11 Pro N

Microsoft is constantly making improvements, such as Windows 11 Pro N, which now offers you above all a clearer structure with a new design that clearly stands out from its predecessor and optimal additions for your processes, as well as the improved Microsoft Store so that you can find additional functions and programs that are more important for your daily life.

More features with Windows 11 Pro N

Increased storage capacity

From a technical point of view, the improvement of the limit of working memory of the Pro N versions of Windows 11, from what was in previous versions limited to 128 GB, to where you can now install up to 2 TB of RAM in your device significantly increases the comfort of the system. In addition, Windows 11 Pro N now supports up to two full-fledged processors.

Increased storage capacity


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