How to install and activate Windows 10 ISO

Léna Martinez
  • Introduction :

    Microsoft is offering free Windows 10 operating system ISO files to anyone who wants them. This can be especially helpful if you are thinking of upgrading from Windows 7 or 8.1.

    1. Requirements

      • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
      • RAM: 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
      • 32 GB of hard disk space.
      • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
      • A display with a resolution of at least 800×600 pixels.
    2. Steps to follow

      • Install Windows 10

        After downloading Windows 10 ISO file and creating a bootable media. You can restart your laptop and boot from the USB stick or Windows 10 installation DVD disk to start the installation of Windows 10.

        1. Choose the language, specify the time zone and confirm the type of keyboard used.

          Install Windows 10

        2. Click on « Install Now » Windows 10.

          Install Windows 10

        3. Insert your Windows 10 activation license key (if you don’t have yet you can purchase the activation license now from our website).

          You can also activate your Windows 10 after the installation.

          Install Windows 10

        4. Choose the option “ I accept the license terms

        5. Choose "Custom" to install Windows 10.

          Be mindful that you are dealing with a clean installation. Before you begin the installation, make a backup of all of your files.

          Your operating system will be upgraded without any modifications to your settings, files, or programs if you select "Upgrade".

          Install Windows 10

        6. Choose the partition where you want to install Windows 10 then click on Next .

          If you want to make a new fresh installation, you can format the partition then click on Next.

          You can also delete all the partitions available and create a new one(s).

          Install Windows 10

        7. The Windows 10 OS will start installing immediately. Please wait for the installation until it is finished.

          Install Windows 10

        Your computer will restart several times.

        Now, we need to configure our Windows 10 to finish the installation.

        Congratulations! You have successfully completed your Windows 10 installation.

      • Activate Windows 10

        If your windows 10 is not activated you will be notified about that and a window will be appearing. You will never be able to change the wallpaper, accent colors, themes, lock screen, and so on. Anything related to Personalization will be grayed out or not accessible. Therefore, some apps and features will stop working.

        To activate your Windows 10, you can follow the steps below:

        1. Right-click on your start menu then select Settings.

          Activate Windows 10

        2. Click on update and security then click on Activation.

          PS: You can also click on “Windows isn’t activated. Activate Windows now

          Activate Windows 10

        3. Click on change my product key then enter your “25 characters license key”.

          Click on Next to activate your Windows 10.

          Activate Windows 10

          Activate Windows 10

        4. Your Windows 10 is activated now

          Activate Windows 10

      Well Done! Your Windows 10 is now activated. You can now enjoy its features with no restrictions.