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AIDA64 Engineer, the most simple and comprehensive way to know everything about your PC

AIDA64 is the best essential IT asset management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. You can select the best information system, diagnostic, and comparative analysis solution for business IT technicians and engineers.

 AIDA64 engineer

What AIDA64 Engineer offers

This program allows you to perform diagnostic tests on your device and even run benchmarks to measure the stability and performance of the whole PC. AIDA64 Engineer has versions for Windows and Server. It consists of a hardware detection engine in its category generally. It provides you with well-detailed information about the installed software and also offers diagnostic functions with support for overclocking. In addition, it immediately monitors the sensors from which it can collect accurate readings of voltage, temperature and fan speed, not to mention its diagnostic functions that help you detect and prevent hardware problems. It also has some benchmarks to measure the performance of individual hardware components or the entire system.

Sensor board

With AIDA64 Engineer, you may create any custom panel you can think of to monitor all of your platform's sensors, cooling system, utilization, and other choices. You can use this tool to set various custom visuals, gauges and photos, dynamic or static text related to all of the sensor data that AIDA64 can read from your computer on an empty canvas as you desire.

Sensor board

Diagnostics and Strength Examinations

AIDA64 Engineer includes more than 50 pages of hardware setup information, as well as more than 50 pages of installed programs, software licenses, security apps, and Windows settings. AIDA64 Engineer performs stability tests by driving the computer to its maximum limits with a 64-bit multithreaded stress test module. These stress tests are also accessible on our system for the hard drive, SSD, and GPGPU OpenCL video adapter.

Diagnostics and Strength Examinations

Everything about the program that has been installed

In terms of hardware, AIDA64 Engineer allows you to learn about the configuration and software of your device. For example, in the "Operating System" area, you can learn about the installed version of Windows, drivers, processes, services, DLL libraries, and so on.

Everything about the program that has been installed


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