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Download and activate Windows 10 Education and get the best software for colleges and universities

Download the full and official version of Windows 10 Education software from our website Ulicense.Online and enjoy the new features.

Windows 10 Education

Install and activate Windows 10 Education and increase your productivity

Windows 10 Education is designed primarily for students and educators, with more student-focused features in Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Professional. Install Windows 10 Education and enjoy the new Edge browser, updated Start menu, increased security, and more.

Microsoft Edge

In the new edition of Windows 10 Education, Microsoft announced “Edge”, the modernly designed browser compared to the old Internet Explorer. Edge comes with new tools that let you take notes and give users the ability to comment on a web page and share it with others. This is useful for working with other team members and classmates.

New Microsoft Edge browser

Windows apps

Windows 10 Education provides you with Windows App Store apps that can also run on your PC, when you use your favorite Microsoft Office apps like Word and Excel they appear to the user displayed with good quality, and with OneDrive, users can access their files from any device.

Continuum and Snap


The Bitlocker feature built into Windows 10 Education protects your data stored on your computer. This feature of Windows 10 Education guarantees the confidentiality of your personal data in the event of theft. The BitLocker feature encryption will make the contents of your hard drive unreadable if you connect it to another machine.

Windows apps


activated with no problem
très satisfait, merci beaucoup
Mon fils commence tout juste à découvrir la technologie et le fonctionnement des systèmes, j'ai choisi de lui acheter ce système d'exploitation pour commencer et il l'adore ! merci
J'encourage sincèrement tous ceux qui sont encore dans le processus de réflexion à aller de l'avant et à acheter chez eux, ils sont vraiment authentiques, le personnel est très serviable et informatif aussi
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excellent after-sales service

Excellent follow-up and valuable help provided by the after-sales department. They were responsive to my request and very professional with the explanation. thanks for everything