How to Download, Install and Activate Word 2019

Rada Rada
  • Introduction :

    Microsoft Word is a word processor that was developed by the software giant.

    Ms Word 2019 allows you to create, edit, and format text documents of all kinds, from letters, reports, resumes, articles, books, and more. The software has a wide range of tools to make formatting and editing documents easier, such as page layout, page numbering, inserting images, tables, graphics, etc.

    Microsoft Word 2019 software is used in many fields including business, education, research, press, publishing, etc. It is widely used for creating professional documents, writing emails, managing important documents and collaborating with colleagues and partners.

    Downloading, installing and activating Word 2019 is explained in this manual.

      1. Requirements

      2. Steps to follow

          Download Word 2019 :

          1. As soon as you've received your Word 2019 order, click the link to begin the download.

            A few minutes may pass before you see the downloaded file.


          2. Open your download folder once the Word file is downloaded


          Install Word 2019 :

            After downloading Word 2019, you are now ready to install your Word 2019 software. Please follow these steps to help you do so:

          1. To mount the Word file, you can follow one of these 2 methods:

            • Method 1:

              Right click on the Word file, then click on Mount to open the installation folder


            • Method 2:

              Right click on the Word file, click on Open with then click on Windows Explorer.


          2. The installation folder will open. Double click on Start to run the installation of Word 2019.


          3. Let's wait for a few minutes while Word is installed.


          4. Word 2019 is installed now. Click on Close, then open the Word application to activate it.


          Activate Word 2019 :

          To activate your Word 2019 software, please follow the steps below:

          1. Click on the start button and type "Word".


          2. Click on Blank document, File then Account.




          3. Click on Change my product key.


          4. Put your activation key (25 characters), then continue to activate your Word 2019.


          5. Your Word 2019 is installed and activated now.


      3. Congratulations! Your Word 2019 software is now ready.

        You are free to begin creating your documents right away.