How to install Office 2016

  475 Friday, January 31, 2020


To install Office 2016, we need to download Office 2016 then start the installation. Before we start, let's talk a little about Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is a suite that contains the most popular programs for productivity. The first version was released in 1990, it contained Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Over the years, Microsoft Office received a lot of enhancement and improvement in terms of its application, to become one of the most popular suite of desktop applications. Office 2016 version was designed in 2015 for both Windows and Mac with many editions.

2- Download Office 2016

After choosing and purchasing the right edition of Office 2016. Now we need to download product. Those steps will help you download Office 2016

Open your internet browser and go to this website


1- Connect with your Microsoft Account. If you already have Microsoft Account, just click on the Sign in, enter your Email address then your Password and you are ready for the next step If you do not have Microsoft Account, click on create a new account.

2- After signing in, enter your Product key (Contains 25 characters). If the product key is not used and everything is okay with it, you will move to the next step which is choosing your country/region and language. Click on next to move to the 3rd step. If there is a problem with the product key, an error message will show up under the product key bar.

installer windows 10

3- Get your Office Ready : This is the last step, after signing and entering your product key, all you have to do is to click on Download now.

installer windows 10

3- Install Office 2016

After downloading the Setup, click on it to start the installation of Office 2016.

installer windows 10

The installation can take a few minutes, just wait till it finishes then click on Done.