Top 15 Upcoming Games of 2017-2018

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Whether you are into action games, fighting games, music and party games, role-playing games, shooters, simulators, sports or strategy games and even vampire games, this article will be of so much use for you. Our sole objective for writing this article is to offer you the most important and fantastic video games that was just released or will be released on this upcoming year and to help you also get re-acquainted with your passion for video games. If you are a big fan of video games then certainly you will keep reading it. We will present to you in this article the top 15 upcoming video games that you are definitely eager to know about if you are a fan of video games.

Top  15 upcoming games of 2017-2018


Quake Champions is a video game specified by a unique character and for each one of those characters a special ability. They are extremely fast and violent. The best news about this game that it provides a great strategy where you can find too much fan and a lot of suspense.

With Quake Champions you can help your team, enjoy and win. In this game space consider yourself a professional shooter.



Discover with us Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Video Game between Mario and the bunny rabbits. Once you get this upcoming game on your computer you can start the fight, move the characters and shoot with the use of special powers. Also there is a possibility to combine the movements of two characters which is a better chance to win. The logic of Mario is still respected with a lot of new mechanics, it is full of various new challenges.



The plus I want to share it with you to day about this awesome video game the possibility to play 12 class with the ability to combine several characters together to form a character according to the player requirement.
South Park the fractured but whole provide now craft system, positioning and merchants to have more custom equipment.
Get this game and enjoy your time.



Marvel Spider Man is a new video game that we are all eager to play with in this coming year. It is available only on PS4. It’s really amazing to find SPIDER MAN on the new generation. You will have the chance to use so many accessory and to have a lot of attacks in the fights. Marvel SPIDER MAN is a highly recommended game that soon will be available.



BATTELFRONT video game provides the 3 generation of Star Wars and in this game space you will have more heroes more life and even more planet.
This new vision allows you to be the hero for the best day of the planet.



Call of Cthulhu is a horror game. Enter a world full of darkness, mystery and complete Horror with this amazing game. You will find in this game adventure as well as action. Among its great features, the alien locations in the game, monsters, dynamic sanity system which will result in panic attacks, paranoia and even more. You can’t put your finger on what is wrong in this game but something is clearly wrong. This what will make you really attracted to it. Whenever you start playing you won’t seem be able to stop.



A fantastic and amazing game about gods and demons. Live your fantasy and learn how to be a warrior with God of War. Do you have a PS4? May be you should because this is one of the most interesting games that will make you want to buy it. God of War is a game full of adventures, expanded lands and a lot of threats. If you are an action man, this game is the one for you. You definitely won’t like to miss it.



Great adventure video game will be available on February 27, 2018 in its newest version. If you played FAR CRY before you will notice now the new ambiance which is totally different in terms of decoration, music and architecture.
A lot of dynamism and you will definitely enjoy it.



Finally in 2 days’ time, DAYS GONE will be available exclusively on PS4. Here you are going to play in a world where there are a lot of zombies. Scary, right? I already started feeling the rush of adrenalin in my blood. This upcoming action adventure game will be your best game if you are a big fan of danger and risks.



Detroit become human this game will be released on February 2018. There are three main characters in this game, Kara, Connor and Marcus. You will live with this game several issues that will make you so connected to it. You will learn even how to be a survivor by playing this fantastic game.



Assassin's creed origins the settings of this game are in Egypt during the Ptolemaic period. It is about the conflict that was going on during this period between assassins. This game has received a lot of good reviews and you will definitely enjoy playing with. Who won’t like to live in the ancient history of Egypt. Lose yourself in the world of Assassin’t creed origins and live its action and its thrilling adventures.



Fantastic action game there is no scenario to guide you and you will be the one to create your story. Here you can choose the role that you like to have, for example a swordsman or an archer then you will enjoy very big and exciting battles.



Are you a fan of vampires and of their dark and mysterious world? This game is definitely what you are looking for. It is about a doctor who turned into a vampire. Live the struggle of this doctor and his inner conflict between his job as a doctor and his new found thirst for blood. The whole setting of the game is set in London in 1918. I highly recommend this game for you as one of the most competitive games.


Red Dead Redemption 2

It is an action-adventure game where you have the chance to play with another player. You may play alone in this game and you may bring your friends with you to this game’s interface. You will be able as a player in this game to control the hero of the game Arthur Morgan. He is an outlaw. Get Red Dead Redemption 2 and live the thrill and the danger of Arthur’s world.

Red-Dead-Redemption 2

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Live the history of the roman kingdom with Kingdom Come Deliverance video game. This game focuses on the roman history but with a realistic content. You won’t be playing just a fictional game, you will also live the real events that happened during the Roman Empire. Among the most interesting features of this game, the armours and the fascinating clothing, the combat techniques and the castles. I can definitely assure you that it is a game to look forward to.


Are you now more eager to start playing, right? Luckily you are not going to wait for too long, some of the above mentioned games are already released, others are coming soon.

i Hope that we have satisifed partially your curiosity for those amazing games by this article!

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