The 10 most useful Google Chrome extensions

  1873 Tuesday, December 26, 2017

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Hey Guys, today I’m going to present to you awesome software that you can add as extensions to your Chrome browser. 

Extensions are software programs that allow you to have a personalized experience on the web and therefore facilitates and enhance your browsing on the internet. All what you need is to add small programs that add features to your favourite browser. It is the best way you should try to make your internet browsing effective, enjoyable and secured.

In this article we will show you the most useful extensions that you can add to Google Chrome.

Extensions you can add to Google Chrome to facilitate your navigation on the web

1. OneTab: bring all tabs in one tab

OneTab is so helpful if you are using too many tabs at the same time. All what you need is to click on the OneTab icon to convert all your tabs into a list. So you will save up to 95% of memory because you have reduced the number of tabs that are open in Google Chrome.


2. Speedtest : Quickly check your internet Speed with Speedtest

Is a web service where you can check your internet performance. The technology of the speedtest founded by Ookla provided to users a tool called “My Results” which lets you graphically compare your upload and download speeds.


3. Avast online security: Protect your online privacy with Avast Security Extension

To guarantee the highest protection while you are online Avast Online Security is your best solution. It provides the best internet security while you are browsing the internet via your chrome browser

You can protect via this extension your privacy as well as your computer from risky websites.


4. Musixmatch: Musixmatch: display your favourite song's lyrics

Pick your favourite song and display its lyrics. You have the chance with Musixmatch to translate those lyrics to any language you prefer.


5. Disconnect: Blocks any invisible website that tracks you

Once you add Disconnect as an extension to Google Chrome, web applications lose sight of you as a person whose decisions they can easily track on the web. Also it will make web page load 44% faster. Add this amazing extension to your Chrome browser and enjoy a secure navigation on the web.


6. Live start page: Make your start page personalized

It’s an interesting Extension that you can add to chrome browser. After you apply it you can find all what you need to make your work experience more enjoyable and well organized. This extension helps you to customize all of the following features; TO Do List, Bookmark Tiles live wallpapers…ect.



This extension is considered as the best solution to unshorten short links and to display where this link is attempting to lead you to, which is a great way to guarantee you a secure and safe destinations on the web. Whatever shortened link there was, add this extension to Google Chrome to help you expand it.


8. Mailtracking: Track your emails via MailTrack extension

The best e-mail tracking extension to verify if your e mail has been read or not. Add it to your Google Chrome and you will have all the emails that you send whether they have been read or not. This extension is the only extension that is for free and applicable only on Gmail. You can even know via this extension how many times your email has been read. Amazing, Right?

Click here to add this wonderful features to your Google Chrome


9. WhatFont: Identify the font used on any webpage with WhatFont extension

Excellent extension to identify the font that have been used on the webpage. Once you add this application to your browser just select the web font icon then click on the text to get the details about the family, size, color… ect.


10. Black Menu for Google

This extension gives you quick access to your favorite Google services you do not even have to leave your webpage to access those services. First you need to click on the black menu icon then select the specific service or you can change it again.


I hope those extensions will be of much use for you. Stay Tuned for more useful tips. 

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